Why do we Actually Need Netgear Router Genie App?

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Why do we Actually Need Netgear Router Genie App?

Have you ever wonders what your children’s are doing on internet when you are not around them. Yes we are sure, you all think about this way a lot. It is not possible to keep checking all the time what they are up to on social networking sites. After all they are children’s, they have habit of exploring things whether it is bad or not.

Netgear, brand name in router industry has made an app which allows its users to scrutinize retain and restore your home network, it’s called netgear router genie app. This app is so useful for those who want to keep an eye on their children’s and employee’s activity.

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Now the question arises is that, on which device it can be accessible or can be downloaded? Well Netgear router genie app is first of all free of cost or it can be downloaded on your PC, Mac, Iphone, ipad, smart phones and tablets also.

Netgear router genie app allows you to give guest access to anybody you want to or can easily monitor their activity also through your phone and PC

If you want to more about its features you can place a call to our tech support team giving assistance for Netgear, anytime on call free number 1-800-603-4024.

In Netgear router genie app you can easily tailor your Netgear router settings. Even you have the option to change your network name  or routers password anytime you want, not only this, router firmware updation  can be done in single go.

If you have children’s and they spend most of their free time on social networking sites, you can block certain sites with the help of parental control in Netgear router genie app, through very simple steps. To know more about Genie App, you can avail live chats with Our expertise, they will guide more about parental control option.

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