Detailed Use of Netgear Genie Application

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Detailed Use of Netgear Genie Application

Netgear Genie Application is an absolute solution for managing and controlling the home network lacking any type of difficulties. Using the Netgear Genie is that much simple that a non technical person can also install it and use it to manage his/her home networks. Netgear Genie App actually provides a very effortless and easy to use user interface. Best thing is that Netgear App is Available to download at Apple App Store and Android App Store and that is without any cost. In this post we have explained the Detailed Use of Netgear Genie Application, keep reading to know more.

Netgear Genie App involved many advance features for the Network control. For example, the MyMedia feature of Netgear Genie allows user to find the Photographs, Videos and Music files from anywhere on the network and play these medias any type of media player.

Besides that, there any other type of advance features also like Parental Control, Network Map, Wireless Settings and Guest Network.

Let’s Have a Look at Detailed Use of Netgear Genie Application Advance Features, One By One:

Guest Network feature of Netgear Genie is the best solution for controlling the guest access on your home network. Using the Guest Network feature you can allow or disallow the users for using the internet access only and restrict them from using any other data from the home network.  


Netgear Genie Guest Network Feature

Netgear Genie App Parental Control Feature

Parental Control feature is one of the best features provided with the Netgear Genie. Parental control feature allow you to control the type of content your family members should not browse on home network. Your router should support this feature, that is why, first time when you select the parental control feature, Netgear Genie will check whether your router support this feature or not.


Netgear Genie App Parental Control Feature

Netgear Genie App Network Map Feature

If you want to know about each and every device connected with your network, this advance feature of Netgear Genie can help you in this. You just need to download Netgear Genie and select the check box option “Notify Me of New Devices that Connect to my Network”. Once you select this option, each time when a new device gets connected with your Network, you will receive a notification.

There are many other advance features you can explore once you download the Netgear Genie Application. For any kind of help regarding Netgear Genie you can call us at the Toll Free Number 1-800-603-4024.

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