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FAQ for Netgear Genie Mobile Apps

Now Manage your router from anyplace by Netgear Genie Mobile Apps. If you have a query related to Netgear Genie Mobile App then go through these FAQ.

Q: – 1 Tell me the features that I can use via Netgear Genie Mobile App?

Ans: – You can use Parental control, home network manager, EZ Mobile connect & My Media.

Q: – 2 Which Devices supports Netgear Genie Mobile App?

Ans: – You can use Netgear Genie Mobile App on tablets & phones.

Q: – 3 What can I do from Netgear Genie Mobile App?

Ans: – Set up or regulate Parental Controls.

  • For your Home Network manage guest access & Wi-Fi settings.
  • Make use of traffic meter to verify your Internet usage.
  • View a map of the network.
  • Play the media on your device & on Network.

Q: – 4 What is the use of the Netgear Genie Mobile App?

Ans: – You can restore common wireless network issues.

  • Make use of the network map to view every device on your home network.
  • Apart from this, get access to
  • Speed test
  • Guest access
  • AirPrint compatibility.
  • Parental Controls
  • Broadband usage meter

Q: – 5 What do I need for Managing router settings by the use of genie app?

Ans: – New router firmware.

Q: – 6 How to download Netgear Genie Desktop App?

Ans: – Visit Netgear genie web page by entering www.NETGEAR.com/genie into browser address bar. Next, click on suitable Download Button.

Q: – 7 How can I Check the firmware updates via Netgear Genie app?

Ans: – Go to Router Settings & then click on Update. After this, click on Next to check if there is any firmware update is available or not? If there is an update is available then you will get messages like newer firmware version available. Or If Update is not available then you will receive current firmware version is the most recent message.

Q: – 8 Why I am not able to update the genie HD app for my iPad?

Ans: – The Netgear no longer supports the genie HD app. Your genie mobile app now started supporting iPad screens size. You need to delete app of genie HD from iPad & visit Apple App Store.

Q: – 9 I am not able to view ReadySHARE button in the genie mobile app? What should I do?

Ans: – If you are not connected locally to your router, it will not display ReadySHARE button.  It is important to connect to your router locally.

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