How to Block People from Using Your Wireless Access

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How to Block People from Using Your Wireless Access

Routers are becoming so popular these days that most of the organizations are using them for their organizations. Not only the big organizations but, people are also using Routers at small scale, for example, for their homes also. Whenever you buy a wireless router, you should password ensure and set up wireless security for your Router to keep different clients from utilizing your Internet access. Permitting different clients, for example, neighbors to associate backs off your Internet association. Read More to Know More About: How to Block People from Using Your Wireless Access

Every individual Router has its own particular console interface, however every one of them have comparable strides to secure the remote access. A wireless system ID is made alongside a passkey.


Following are the Steps you Should Follow to Block People from Using Your Wireless Access

These settings are standard over all individual router manufacturers, for example, Netgear and Linksys:

Step 1: Open the browser and type the IP address for the router. The standard default router IP address is “” You will be asked for a user name and the password. Standard user name and passwords are “admin” and a password of “admin.” The standard default password for a Netgear Router is “password.”

Step 2: Then, Click the “Wireless Settings” link in the main console configuration window. This opens a list of settings for the wireless network such as the network ID (SSID) and any encryption set on the router.

By default, no encryption is set, which makes the wireless connection insecure.

Type a network ID in the SSID field. This is the name of the network shown when users search for available networks on a laptop or other wireless device.

Select the type of encryption. For a personal network, the typical choice is “WPA2 Personal.” After you make this choice, a text input box displays for you to type in the passkey. This Password will be asked every time when someone in the range of your Wi-Fi network wants to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Last Step: After that just click on the “Apply” or “Save Settings.” The “Save” button text is dependent on the router manufacturer. The settings take effect immediately.

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