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Netgear Genie App

We don’t think any one of us can even imagine our life without using the internet. Today, internet becomes one of the essential parts of our life. There are millions of computer users and millions of mobiles users who are using the internet services for accessing the large amount information available over World Wide Wed. There are hundreds of tools obtainable for managing the internet connections and Netgear Genie App is one of them.

As we discussed earlier that millions of smart device users are using to access the internet services and one such internet device is Routers. Using routers for setting up a home network is very common these days. There are hundreds of companies those are manufacturing the routers for managing home network. One of the most famous company that is industrializing the routers and many other networking devices is, Netgear. With this, you can also find hundreds of tools available to manage the Netgear routers and Netgear Genie App one of them.

Netgear Genie App Intro

Everyone knows that Netgear Genie is becoming so popular these days that is not a wonder because Netgear is actually proving an easy to deal with single window interface to users so they can assist their home network smartly.

Netgear Genie App is actually like a Genie who is helping the Netgear users to manage their home networks in a smart way. They can add/delete, manage, block and can also access the internet usage graph using this Netgear Genie Application.

Netgear Genie Application

Best thing is that Netgear Genie Application is available totally free of cost and it is accessible at a single click download. Not only this but, using the Netgear Genie Application is also very easy even for a non technical user. If you are also using the Netgear Router setup at your home then we also recommend you to download the Netgear Genie App and manage your home network without any kind of hassles.

Advance Features in Netgear Genie Application

Netgear Genie comes with many advance features and all these features actually designed to help the Netgear users to manage their more networks more accurately and smartly. Lets have a look at these advance features one by one.

Guest Network Access in Netgear Genie App

Are you looking for an advance tool where you can manage the guest access for your home network? This is possible by simply allowing and disallowing the network access for the guests. Netgear Genie App can help you in this. You can very smartly block the unwanted users from using the internet access from your home network.

What are the Benefits of Guest Access Feature in Netgear Genie App? 

Benefits of Guest Access feature in Netgear Genie are very clear that you can simply chunk the unwanted people from using the internet from home network. This way you can save the internet data from your home network.

Parental Control Feature in Netgear Genie Application

We guess, this feature of Netgear Genie App is like a blessing for the parents. As we know there are millions of websites are available over World Wide Web. All these websites are like a source of information from where you can get information about each and everything you can imagine in your life.

Netgear Genie Application Parental Control

But, the problem is that not all websites are actually a source of informative and useful data. Adult content is a big problem for the parents because they always live with the fear that their young children can access those websites.

What are the Benefits of Parental Control Feature in Netgear Genie App? 

The solution for this problem is, Netgear Genie App Parental control Feature. Using the Netgear Genie App Parental Control Feature you can block all the websites you want not to allow to your children. You don’t have to do more rather you just need to add the websites you want to block for your home network.  Once you configured the Netgear Genie App Parental Control Feature, you can relax about the fear that your family members can access some unwanted content from the internet.

Netgear Genie Application Parental Control

This Parental Control is not only helpful for the parents but also helpful for employers who want to block some websites so their employees could not access those websites anymore.

Network Map Feature in Netgear Genie App  

As the name suggest, Network Map feature from Netgear Genie App is the best tool for accessing all the devices connected with your home network. You can see all the devices that are connected with your network and using your internet.

To enable the Network Map feature of Netgear Genie App, you just need to select the check box for the option saying “Notify Me of New Devices that Connect to my Network”. Once you select these options, you can easily access and see all the devices connected to your home network.

What are the Benefits of Network Map Feature in Netgear Genie App?       

Main benefits of Netgear Map feature is that you can easily see and manage all the devices that are currently using your home network connection. You can disallow the devices you don’t to allow to access your internet.

Steps to Removing a Wireless Network Profile using Netgear Genie Application

Here are the some simple steps you need to follow to remove a wireless network profile from your home network.

  1. First of all open the Netgear Genie App user interface. The UI of Netgear Genie is very simple and easy to access even for the new users.
  2. You will find the manage button under Wi-Fi connection. Just click on that option.
  3. You will see a complete list of networks on your Netgear Genie Interface; just select the network you want to remove from the list.
  4. At last step, you will see a pop-up window asking for the final permission. You just need to select the “Yes” option for that.

Wireless Setting Feature in Netgear Genie App

One more advance feature from Netgear Genie App is Wireless Stetting. Managing the wireless connections is little bit confusing for the new users especially if they are not familiar with using such settings. That is where the Netgear Genie Application helps the users.

Benefits you will Receive with Wireless Setting Feature in Netgear Genie App

With the help of Wireless Setting feature, you can easily change the SSID name including the Wi-Fi password.

So, all these are the advance features of Netgear Genie Application you can use to manage your wireless network with any kind of hassles. Besides this, you can also call our professional team for any kind for issue you are facing while using the Netgear Genie.

How to Use the Netgear Genie Application to View the Information you are Router you are Using

Here are the steps to view the Router and Genie App view.

  1. First of all open the Netgear Genie App user interface.
  2. Then you need to locate your home network and just join it.
  3. After launching the Netgear Genie App, just login.
  4. You will see a Login display. Here you need to enter the User Name and Password. Default user name is Admin and password is Password.
  5. Press the OK
  6. Select the Information
  7. It will display the about
  8. It will display the end-user license agreement (EULA).



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