Social Security Via Netgear Genie Application

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Social Security Via Netgear Genie Application

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Have you tried Netgear genie app? Not yet? Then what are you waiting for.We all are living in an era of internet. Internet that is everywhere these days, whether it is an office or a home. So we are surrounded with internet or external threats from hackers, threats from inappropriate websites, which easily manipulate your innocent children’s mind.

So security is must for all. We have to work smart instead of hard work. In Order to do that, take first step in that direction by installing Netgear genie app, in your Smart phones or by doing Netgear genie setup.


Remotely Access your Netgear Router Using Genie App for iOS Mobile Device

In this blog we will going to discuss about the Features of Netgear genie app. Once you download Netgear genie app you will get following features

  • You can control, check and fix your home network by the help of genie control panel.
  • This app is not only limited to Android phones, but they also work on PCs, but difference would be in their interface.
  • Wi-Fi network problems can be automatically mended by Netgear genie app.
  • You can easily check your network speed.
  • If you want any guest network user, you can edit guest network setting anytime.
  • Can easily view all the devices under your home network.
  • You will get parental control over your children’s social network activity.

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In case you find any difficulty in Netgear genie setup, you can have assistance of our Technical Help desk. As we are receiving great response from our customers, and we know what common issues they have while doing Netgear genie setup. Customer’s satisfactions being main motto encourage us to worker even harder day by day. Our technical team not only solve your queries, but also welcome feedback given by our new and old customers.

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